Medical Writing Agency – A Way Forward to Cost-effective Outsourcing

Medical Writing Agency

A Medical writing agency offering cost-effective high-quality services is the preferred choice of pharmaceutical companies. A well-managed medical writing outsourcing initiative i.e., getting economical services with high-quality standards can bring the pharmaceutical companies productivity savings.

Overall, more than 70% of medical writing is outsourced globally.1 Demand for medical writing will continue to grow as long as there is a need to develop and market drugs for the patient's wellbeing. The pharmaceutical companies meet their medical writing requirements either by setting up in-house medical writing departments or by outsourcing. There are different medical writing business operating models, each has its pros and cons. Pharmaceutical companies typically have in-house writing teams integrated with medical or regulatory affairs departments. The advantage is that the writers work very closely with the authors or scientific teams and are privy to the company’s product strategy. Thus, the writers are better placed to support the stakeholders in putting the scientific messages or data into the right context. The downside is that it involves huge fixed cost and hits the bottom line. Fewer global giant pharma companies can afford and operate on this model.

Few pharma companies follow a hybrid model, i.e., insourcing medical writing services from a low-cost location to internal regulatory or medical affairs teams based at global locations. The advantage is that medical writers are an integral part of company strategy and can provide support in a cost-effective manner to internal teams. Having said that, this model requires setting up teams at a remote location and involve a very long-term investment both in terms of fixed costs and effort required in building teams.

A large portion of global medical writing is outsourced to medical writing agencies due to cost pressures on pharma companies. The contract research organizations or medical writing agencies work follow a service delivery model, where they cater medical writing services to different pharma/healthcare companies and are generally not an integral part of the client organization. Some agencies work on the dedicated resourcing model, where agency medical writers are year marked to the client's account. This enables a long-term, strategic, partnership with contractors providing an integrated approach that merges with the company data workflow and strategy. Thus, the writers are better positioned to deliver as per the client’s expectations.2 Moreover, both the outsourcing models allow the pharmaceutical companies to procure need-based services avoiding the huge fixed cost and staff maintenance – making it cost-effective and easy to manage.

Outsourcing to a medical writing agency is the way forward. Outsourcing to a medical writing agency seems to be an option for most pharmaceutical companies - to manage their budgets effectively they are often on look for cost-effective service providers. Also, outsourcing medical communications services to a medical writing agency operating from a low-cost location can bring relatively better savings than outsourcing to developed countries.

Creative Neurons is a medical writing agency specialized in medical communication services. Creative Neurons team comprises of a highly qualified team of PhDs and Postgraduates in life-science/pharmacy with industry publications and global clients service delivery experience. Operations from India enable us to provide cost per service lower than the market average that allows clients to maximize savings and do more with less. Our collaborative, knowledgeable and competent team ease out your burden by ensuring the timely delivery of high quality, cost-effective services, and help you save time, money and effort.


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